HAEd Chapters

We are in the process of recruiting a Chapter Co-Chair for our Boston/Cambridge chapter and two Chapter Co-Chairs for our Greater China chapter.  If you are interested in learning more about these positions and what they entail, please send an email to HarvardAEd@gmail.com

Boston / Cambridge

Chapter Co-Chair: Emily Pope & Dr. Crystal Rose (Chapter Advisor)

Hashtag: #HAEdBOS

The HAEd Boston/Cambridge chapter aims to reach across Harvard’s silos in order to engage alumni and current students who share an interest in education. By convening around educational events, our network creates opportunities for sustained connection and collaboration.

Detroit (Chapter in development)

Chapter Co-Chairs: Mary Grech & Brittany Knight

HAEd Detroit aims to connect and grow the community of Harvard alumni who are contributing to improving education in the Detroit region, as well as across the state of Michigan. 

We believe that the unique assets of our city, our state, our educators, and our students can be leveraged to overcome historical challenges and to create new models for education innovation and transformative learning in our region and beyond. Our chapter provides a platform for alumni to connect, converse, and collaborate as we work to support the future of education in our community.


Chapter Co-Chairs: Bettina Dembek and Julie Rukavina

The HAEd DC chapter seeks to bring together Harvard alumni who are interested in the field of education at the intersection of different sectors such as the environment, law, business, and entrepreneurship to name just a few. As Harvard alumni, we have first-hand experience of the transformative power of education and life-long learning. At the DC chapter, we would like use our collective knowledge, apply it, and contribute to positive change around us.

Being in the capital puts us in the midst of a fast-paced and impactful environment with many important stakeholders among us. We meet up for socials and knowledge sharing events. Once or twice a year we take on local projects that can make a difference small and large. Whether you are in the Greater D.C area for a short period of time, a long-time resident, or just passing through occasionally, consider joining us. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Hashtag: #HAEdDC

greater china

Chapter Co-Chairs: Shu Cao Mo & Weiqi Zhang

Hashtag: #HAEdGreaterChina

Chinese educators and parents highly regard education as a pillar in society. In addressing educational challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world, they engage globally and adapt guidance and ideas from renowned institutions for best practices. In this context, the Greater China chapter is dedicated to building a community of Harvard alumni working, or with an active interest, in education. We aim to cultivate and share ideas, to participate in lifelong learning opportunities, and to contribute beyond the Harvard community to advance quality education for all.

Los angeles

Chapter Co-Chairs: Christine Gentry and Ghazal Gulati 

The Los Angeles Chapter of HAEd provides opportunities for SoCal alumni doing important work in education to enrich their connections to each other and to the field. We want our chapter to serve as a local extension of the Harvard community, supporting and advancing the various interests of its members. We are committed to organizing frequent, purposeful gatherings of LA's sharpest and most dedicated minds. 


HARVARD ALUMNI FOR EDUCATION (H.A.Ed.)  is launching its India Chapter!

India represents one of the most challenging contexts for educational reforms and it benefits from a large and rapidly growing ecosystem of educational innovations. Today, many Harvard alumni across India are engaged in leading innovations, shaping public policy, and creating educational change. However, there is no single platform to bring their voices together and amplify their collective impact. H.A.Ed will change that.

H.A.Ed seeks to build a vibrant and pragmatic platform that brings together all Harvard alumni engaged in education in India to connect with each other and create impact in the following ways:

  1. Knowledge & Networking Events -  Create a forum to share provocative ideas in education through thought leadership panels & professional networking events in major Indian cities.

  2. Media & Policy Advocacy - Influence Indian media and policymakers to highlight educational issues by disseminating innovations, publicizing research evidence, and creating a space for dialogue.

  3. Peer-to-Peer and Organizational Relationships - Provide opportunities for members and organizations to access mentors, collaborators, talent and funders in the H.A.Ed India eco-system.



Chapter Co-Chair: Hetal Jani. We are currently recruiting a second NYC chapter co-chair. Please email HarvardAEd@gmail.com if you are interested in being considered!

Hashtag: #HAEdNY

HAEd NYC is uniquely positioned to bring together the best of education across all sectors. Home to America's largest public school district, world-leading research universities and non-profits, and hundreds of tech and ed-tech start-ups, NYC is the perfect place for the public, private, and social sectors to cross-pollinate. Join us as we get together and enjoy all the city has to offer! The focus for the year will be getting to know one another, building friendships, and deciding how we can best contribute to the education world in the Big Apple.



Chapter Co-Chairs: Reza Rezvani and McKay Roozen

Hashtag: #HAEdSF

The HAEd San Francisco chapter provides a platform for Harvard alumni with an interest in education - whether it’s in efforts to eliminate the achievement gap, the development of education technologies, or the reimagination of traditional school models. Our network provides a collaborative environment for cross-pollination and shared learning. This year will be filled with learning about one another and exploring innovative organizations. Keep an eye out for all of our interesting events!


Chapter Co-Chairs: Carlos Luis Obando and Eloise Quintanilla

The HAEd Seattle chapter seeks to harness the imaginative power of Harvard alumni in the Pacific Northwest who are interested in the field of education, and provide a platform for networking and sharing innovative ideas to positively transform education. We live in an area accustomed to challenging established ideas and bringing fresh perspectives to age old problems, and we hope that in bringing together varied perspectives, we can create genuine friendships, lifelong connections, and a marketplace of ideas from which we can draw in tackling the problems we face in education. We look forward to hearing from you!



Chapter Co-Chairs: Nathaniel Dunigan and Jennifer Kizza

Hashtag: #HAEdSSAF

The HAEd Sub-Saharan chapter is an opportunity for the many Harvard affiliates throughout this vast region to connect and convene. Thanks to rapid advances in technology and communication, we intend to be at the forefront of a new era of collaboration across sectors and within the great diversity of cultures, further empowering the work of change through a shared belief in the power of education.