Introducing Mary Grech, Detroit Chapter Co-Chair

Grech.Mary (1) (1).jpg

Full name: Mary Grech

Degree/Graduating Year: HGSE Ed.M. '17

Location: Detroit, MI

Position on HAEd: HAEd Detroit Co-Chair

Current role or job: Data and Policy Analyst at The Education Trust-Midwest

3 Fun Facts:

  • I love traveling to visit friends and explore new places.
  • Hiking and yoga are my favorite ways to stay active.
  • The Guardian Building is my favorite Detroit skyscraper. 

Why did you join HAED?

I want to connect with other alumni who are working to improve education, especially in my home state of Michigan! HAEd provides a great way to meet and work together for change. 

What do you hope to achieve through HAED?

A community of local alumni who are continuously learning and contributing to the work ahead in Detroit - and across the state of Michigan.  

How did you get involved in education?

I began as a classroom teacher and now work in education research, policy and advocacy in Michigan. My focus is on improving equity in education and better connecting educator expertise to the policy design process. 

What is something that inspires you?

I am inspired to be back home in Detroit! Our region's long history of leading in innovation - in mobility, music, manufacturing, and social movements - makes me confident that together we can address the historical challenges and inequities of our education system. Detroit can lead innovation in education as well - and show that equity and excellence can both be done at scale.

What is the most memorable experience you remember from your time at Harvard?

Attending different talks around campus! It was great to hear from speakers with such diverse life experiences and perspectives on education and politics.

What advice do you have for other Harvard alumni?

The most important part of being a Harvard student is what you do once you are no longer on campus. How can you use the knowledge and skills you learned at Harvard to serve your community and improve learning opportunities for others?