HARVARD ALUMNI FOR EDUCATION (H.A.Ed.) SIG aims to create a strong, connected, collaborative community of Harvard University alumni who are practitioners, researchers, and leaders in the field of education.

H.A.Ed. provides a forum for alumni from all schools, disciplines, and professions to share field expertise, research, and ideas. H.A.Ed. encourages engagement, cross-sector partnerships, professional exchanges, and mentorship opportunities for members of the Harvard alumni community. H.A.Ed. enables alumni to stay connected to world class scholars engaged in research and teaching at the University, and helps facilitate the transfer of the usable knowledge generated by the Academy into practice. H.A.Ed. empowers Harvard alumni to make a difference by bringing them together in both conversation and action.

To do this, H.A.Ed. will provide opportunities for Harvard alumni including, but not limited to: 1) Networking opportunities through active dialogue; 2) Career development opportunities for new, mid-career, and transitioning professionals; 3) Intellectual enrichment opportunities that include the dissemination of usable knowledge generated by researchers and practitioners; and 4) Partnerships through encouraging cross-sector collaborations. We will actively engage with other Harvard Alumni Clubs and SIGS and will work in collaboration with existing Harvard activities, programs, and schools.