‘Perspectives from Harvard Alumni for Education’ Podcast

Fall 2016 Series: Going from Education Start-Up to Sustainable Venture

The HAEd Perspectives Podcast features Harvard alumni working in the field of education who have interesting perspectives, experiences, and knowledge for the benefit of the Harvard alumni community and the general public.

In the fall, we will be talking with Harvard alumni working in education start-ups and exploring questions such as:

  1. What kind of competitions and funding opportunities are out there?

  2. What are the most important things to consider when launching a start-up?

  3. What kind of impact have you made?

  4. How do you move from start-up to sustainable enterprise? 

October 21, 2016

Beyond Start-up: The Story of AidChild Founder and CEO Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan, Ed.M. '13, CPL Reynolds Fellow in Social Entrepreneurship, HKS '09-'10

How can we move beyond focusing on the early-stages of entrepreneurship to discussions about building sustainable ventures? In this episode, Dr. Nathaniel Dunigan, who is also HAEd’s Co-President of the Sub-Saharan Africa Chapter, talks about the importance of the space beyond start-up and his work in founding and leading AidChild, which was the first organization in Uganda to provide free anti-retroviral therapy for children living with HIV.

Interviewer: Rufina Park, Director of International Engagement of HAEd

October 28, 2016

Bringing Design Thinking to Philippine Schools: Stories from Habi Education with Gerson Abesamis, Ed.M. '13

How can we leverage design thinking to enhance education quality in resource-starved, developing communities such as those in the Philippines? In this episode, Habi Education Lab Founder Gerson Abesamis talks about how the start-up uses small design thinking workshops and collaborative lesson prototyping in a professional development program for teachers, resulting in innovative learning experiences in classrooms across the Philippines.

Interviewer: Michi Ferreol, Director of Marketing and Communications of HAEd

November 4, 2016

Moving from ideas to reality: Breaking barriers to solve a problem with Swati Sahni, Ed.M. '13

A conversation with Swati Sahni about her experiences creating her recent start-up in India, Curozo. this episode touches on important questions on breaking barriers and Swati's personal experiences in the Indian EdTech space.

Interviewer: Matthew Williams, Director of Membership and Data

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