The Harvard Alumni for Education SIG is proud to announce the launch of their online global community

HAEd provides a forum for alumni from all schools, disciplines, and professions to share field expertise, research, and ideas. HAEd encourages engagement, cross-sector partnerships, professional exchanges, and mentorship opportunities for members of the Harvard alumni community. HAEd empowers Harvard alumni who are parents, professors, policy makers, and so much more, to make a difference by bringing them together in both conversation and action.

We are excited to be able to provide HAEd members with an online platform to help us to continue to meet these goals. HAEd received its charter in November 2015 and since then, it has opened ten chapters and serves over 2,000 alumni from across Harvard University. The introduction of the online global community will better serve our members where HAEd does not yet have a local chapter. The platform is currently available to global members outside of the contiguous United States, but open to members within the United States of America working in an international context upon request and review by e-mailing To join the conversation individuals must register as members through their website at

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Matthew Williams

HAEd Director of Membership

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