Introducing Ghazal Gulati, Los Angeles Chapter Co-Chair

Ghazal Gulati (1).JPG

Full name: Ghazal Gulati

Degree/Graduating Year: Ed.M/ 2015 

Location: Los Angeles

Position on HAEd: Co-Chair, LA Chapter

Current role or job: Manager, Data Strategy, Alliance College Ready Public Schools

3 Fun Facts: 

(1) I once had a visa application rejected because I was smiling too much in the picture 

(2) My family holds the record of eating the largest pizza in Singapore 

(3) In six months, I've been on every line of the LA metro, something that even many long time Angelenos haven't done! 

Why did you join HAED?

To collaborate and learn from an amazing set of peers.

What do you hope to achieve through HAED?

A local community that keeps its members motivated to do the work we do.

How did you get involved in education?

Initially to escape the world of consulting, I found my calling in the classroom and have continued to explore different roles. 

What is something that inspires you?

The stories of my former students.

What is the most memorable experience you remember from your time at Harvard?

I worked the Saturday morning shift at Widener Library and heard some amazing stories from Harvard Alumni who'd visit (espionage, meeting state heads - the works!)

What advice do you have for other Harvard alum?

Always assume positive intent.